I am tired !
Posted on @Thursday, November 22, 2012 with 0 Super Dicious
dear blog ,
maybe this will just a simple post..
I have a lot of assignments that are still in the line..
It's okay ..
pelan2 la .. everything will be fine soon.

Secondly, I can't stop myself for crying .. Day and night this tears will always accompany me .. dah bestfriend dah dengan air mata tu ..
I just don't know the exact reason, but i think I'm too tired nak jaga hati orang .. bukan senang nak handle perangai manusia yang berlain-lainan ni..

I know everyone make mistake.. I do make mistake .. Bukan manusia lah kalau xpernah salah kan.
It's okay .. Saya bukan nabi yang dikurniakan maksum. Yang boleh bersabar dengan semua perkara. Saya manusia biasa yang x lari dari perasaan marah, terkilan dan kecewa.

I know that we can't get along since the first time we met because yes ! I can read people's personality. Only that I can say but at least I try. I try nak jage hati semua org smpai lastly I get tired. U'll know my situation if you walk in my shoes .. That's all I can say. Macam mana rasa terhina tu . U can blame me for all this, I really don't give a damn .. I'm so tired,,

Just let me find my own happiness