Sometime shit happen for a reason :)
Posted on @Friday, December 7, 2012 with 0 Super Dicious
Dear blog ,
dah lama x mencoret dan x meluah isi hati di sini but now I'm back ..
Assignment makin memenuhi ruang minda tika dan saat ini sampai kalau nak makan or tido pon kena fikir assignment xsiap lagi..
but it;s okay . I know I can manage all of that..

Besides that, I just heard about someone yang rasa dia sangat bagus and pandai. Yeah ! I know u are good tapi x kemana pandai awak tu kalau perangai macam tu ok. I never think to mengutuk or mengumpat other in my blog, but this kind of guy really annoyed me. He had UNDERESTIMATE me !!! Oh man.. u never know me well. It's okay . on time u will know the real me .. I just really hate people that underestimate me .. But I don't care . Action speaks louder than word. ;m not the type of people yang jenis kecoh2 mcm buat kerja padahal satu habuk pon xde .. I'm the kind of diam2 but at the end just wait for the results .

Malas nak fikir 'bout that things because I have many other things to think. Next, dalam stress2 sume ni, I get a surprised from someone.

I get a call from a courier tell me that there's a parcel for me but at that time I'm not at the college. So, I just tell him to just left the parcel at the college office. At that moment, I'm just thinking who send the parcel to me. Then, when I go to the college office and ask for the parcel, I'm so surprise that someone has give me a bouquet of red rose with 2 small couple teddy bear ..

Maigodmaigodmaigod !

Malu sekejap at that time because the officer dkt pjabat kolej tu macam senyum2 je. But happy because this is my first time I get flower in my life .. When I enter my room, all my roommates like teasing me. hahahaha..
I already know who the one give that flower to me and he said that he send the flower because he want make me happy ... how sweet :) .. he know that I'm quite stress and burden with all sorts of assignment, so he want to cheer me up ..
This is the flower that I get .. woohoo :)