keluh kesah hati
Posted on @Friday, October 12, 2012 with 0 Super Dicious
huh ! sedar x sedar dah nak midterm break .. padahal rase macam baru je masuk ke alam Degree .. Yeah ! again Shah Alam,u teach me many things ..

There are many progression since i've been here .. My mentally and physically become stronger ..
No tears anymore but at the same time I just keep thinking something in my mind....


about LOVE ...
I don't know why since I am at Shah Alam jiwa ni mcm membentak untuk mencari teman .. I don't know either that thing is wants or demands.. It seems like dah 1 year I am single and I never think of that sorts of relationship things but now,why this things always play in my mind ..

Maybe with the environment here where u can see there are many people dating here and there, lunch and dinner together.. Then when u walk along the corridor at your hostel,people still on the phone late night then u can see even your classmate do sweet2 things in front of u with their partner..Maybe it is one of the factor.
Bukan jelez tau,tapi macam rase teringin jugak nak buat macam tu ..nak buat sweet2 ni,,hahaha

dah terasa geli dah dengan ayat dia atas tadi .. hahaha..but then I just realize that maybe sebab sunyi atau boring yang membuatkan aku tercari-cari.. Dear heart, find love when u are ready,not when u feel bored.
Always keep that word in your mind.

It still early for me to think about relationship. Don't chasing for it. The time will come.. sooner or later.. Serahakan saja pada Tuhan ..Don't stop praying .. If u didn't get what u want now, Allah have plan something better for u.. Always remember that .

And nad, whatever happen here,in Shah Alam never turn back .. Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya selain dia tahu hambanya itu mampu menanggung ujian tersebut ..