Reality continues to ruin my life.
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                                 “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

Yeah! life is going on no matter what u have to face.. Seems like its already one month I've been here in Shah Alam and I have to go through a very hectic and miserable life.. Not to miserable actually, but it really give the pain for someone like me.. 

Degree time is really not the same as my diploma time.. The lecturers, environments and the student itself are totally different. Bukan xnak bersyukur ke apa, tapi bila keadaan dah berubah, we cannot expect that we can adapt with all this kind in a short time. It really takes time.

I just love to be here but in the same time I try to make myself comfortable with this kind of situation.
Classes have started as early as I have registered as degree student. NO MDS, NO Orientation and sort of that things.. So we have to explore everything by ourselves.I repeat, EVERYTHING.

At first, I think it is really stressful to be here because you are zero about this place but somehow I just realize that I will face all this kind of things in my real life in the future. The more challenges world is waiting for me outside. SO, I should start from now.

I do cry because I'm not strong. I call my mum. I do tell her how stressful I am being alone here but 1 thing that really touched me that come from  her tounge is ;this is what u choose. U have to face it walau sesukar mana pun rintangan dan halangan tu. Bukan ibu or ayah yang paksa. So,just go through the flow and be strong mentally and physically.

I think I have prepared enough to face all this,but actually I'm not. But now, I just thinking that if everyone here can survive,why I cannot ? So,I just thinking that I have to be very strong and betulkan niat why I come here. Jelaskan semula all my mision and just strive for excellence.

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

chills and just smile :)