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hye my lil' blog and to all my follower...
seems like i don't updating anything for a long time ..
a little bit busy and have nothing interesting to share but now I think I have lot of things to tell..

We can buy anything we want if we have money but experience is worthless ... It cannot be gain even though u have a lot of money but u have to go through it first..
many have said that experience is a teacher for us ...
And I think it is absolutely correct

Today, I just wanna share my experience in knowing people from every level
begin with moderate people to kind of educated and careers person..
As for me, I don't have any problems to be friend with any person.. I just can adapt with the people around me.. Maybe it takes time, but at the end I will be so close with them..

Be  a worker in a factory make me know and make friends with the person that i never socialize before.. I have to be familiar with Nepalese, Indonesian and many more ... It is really quite interesting things actually..

One of the engineer there asking me, I am an university student, why I have to work in a factory.. I just smile and silence at that time as for me I have my own reason that I think let just me know it..
And actually the reason is, my knowledge will not be less if I am working in a factory moreover I will gain worthless experience here.. I want to be a good leader one day ...So, I have to know every level of people and I believe it is easy for me to be a respected leader in future.. Besides, u will not get anything with your diploma,degree or master scroll if u don;t have any sense of humanity.. To be a good leader, we have to be in their shoes..

So, I think I have prepared myself with a good leadership value before i started my degree level.. Thanks to all the workers for their kindness and cooperation towards me along  I'm working here.. I will always remember them as some part of my life ..
I hope that one day I will given a chance to work with them again maybe not in a production part, but in a management department.. Hope we can meet again in a future :)

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by   this meeting that a new world is born."