Salah ke jadi minah kilang ?!
Posted on @Wednesday, June 27, 2012 with 3 Super Dicious
It's been like alredy 2 week I am working in Dynacraft Industries as a QA..
Seems like I enjoy working..
However, I think I;m not interested to tell more about my working experience but I think it is more too my own perspective and opinion with the environment and the people itself there ..

On one time, people always said if jadi minah kilang, xde orang nak datang merisik.. They give a bad judgement to 'minah kilang'.. Once, I do think the same too but when I start to communicate and be friend with them, i think there is not a bad things to be minah kilang.. They find a halal work,right...
My mum had said,'ape ni mekap tebal2,macam pompuan kilang'.. Look ! what's wrong to be minah kilang??? but now, artis tu haa mekap tebal jugak kann..Everyone give a bad perspective without thinking first...
tulah kann... typical malay sangat

Hal termudah adalah mencari kesalahan orang lain. Hal tersulit adalah mengakui kesalahan diri sendiri ..
Renung2kan dan selamat beramal

Based on my experience, I think u canot judge other without u try to know  and be closed with them.. Maybe, fom my observation  there are some kilang girl do have a bad attitude, Bad here means like some bitchy style..but not all like that..there are still have a kind hearted person..

As a conclusion,xkisahlah kau minah kilang ke,lawyer ke or maybe doktor ke, if prangai tu nak teruk,teruk jugak... i t based on the individu itself :)

So,let muhasabah diri and try to improve kekurangan diri not just tengok salah orang ...