its the time for holiday :)
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Semester break is already coming..Already 3 weeks past with nothing to do.. I have planned many things before but at the end,not walking as planned..well !still have like one month plusplus before the new semester.
Actually, I'm not hoping to continued my diploma.. I am really hoping for fast track..I want to further my study in degree at Shah Alam.. yess !Shah Alam..many  things had happened at Malacca and I really want to forget all of the bad memories that happen in Malacca.. I do have wonderful memory there but on the other hand the the bad ones always play in my mind ...Not their fault,it is all my fault..Not everything we planned will work smoothly..Allah knows better than us.. So, I will just wait and accept anything that will be my fate..

And one more thing,I'm pretty sure that some of you will feel weird why my entry has changes into English. It is not because I think I am good writing in English, but I just need to improve my English language. Practice makes perfect right. So, I think this blog is the medium for me to sharpen my skills to be a good writer,both in Malay and English language.

In addition, I have send my resume to do internship with The Star Publication. My mum just challenged me to be part of The Star staff. So, I will try and take that for granted. I think I will start working after I have recovered from chickenpox.

Oh yeah !I forget to tell you guys..I am really suffering from chicken pox while I am writing this entry. The whole of my family has infected by chicken pox but me and my dad is the last person has infected

I think that's all from me ..chills and have a nice day !

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