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Posted on @Monday, May 27, 2013 with 0 Super Dicious
Dear blog,
wah ! lamanya xsinggah-singgah sini.
3rd sem goes smoothly. More assignments, conflicts and also make many friends.
Good thing comes to those who waits ! So yeah ! just go through all of the hardships and find a better place for u to achieve.

This sem teach me how to survive alone. no more BACKSTABBERS ! I just enjoy doing everything myself. but yeah, there is still some friends that never let me face all of this alone. Linda, Lili, Syepha and some part of my classmates. Thank you for always being there for me.  really appreciate that. Having u guys as my friends give a very meaningful moment for me along my journey to success.

I still in the process of move on. Maybe the bleed had already stop. but the scar is still left. Just forgive everyone as it will make u happier. I still can smile. Thanks Allah for still giving me this chance to still breath and smile.

Every success man, there is always a woman behind him. Same goes to me. I manage d to survive with the help of my dearest Mr Boyfie. He lend me his shoulder when I want to cry and borrow me his smile just to make me happy. Thanx dear for all of this. For all of the spirit u give to me.

Last but not least, of course my parents and siblings. Once upon a time, we used to fight and quarrel everyday. Everyone want to show they are right not excluding me. However, time passes. Things change. Everyone become more positive and supportive. My parents always there for me during my hard time. I never tell this but I want both of u know that I really love both of u. I really do. Angah, Muhd and Uda thanx for being a good little sister and brother. I will always support all of your dreams.

I think this is some kind of emotional post but I think this post is more to appreciate everyone around me before it's too late. I just want to let them know how grateful I am to have them in my life.