events !
Posted on @Saturday, March 3, 2012 with 0 Super Dicious
it's been a long time i didn't updating my blog ...maklumlah,internet connection kat Lendu ni sgtla 'laju'..tu malas nak online ...btw,starting 2012 ni,i have been actively participating in every single events kat UiTM ni ...and one of them is Islamic Communication Exhibition (ICE2012). I have been one of the crew for this event ..
and like seriously,it is awesome...
I have an enjoyable time there even soo damn tired with all the works..
Besides ,ada event open kolej..I'm not taking part in cheer but still enjoy watching every representative for cheer and hakka for every college..
And,now,I have submitted all the assignments and start to prepare for my final exam ..
I need to do my best in my final paper as I really need do my fast track .
Cakap pasai fast track ni, I have choose Public Relation at my degree level .. Hopefully I will achieve it ..
So,I will quite busy along this month with books and stationaries to achieve my goal that is 3.9 and above.. I really need it..
take care and chills !